American Blueberry (Vaccinium corimbosum)



Blueberries grow on shrubs with their growth period happening during the spring and summer, and blooming in the early summer. Their flower color is white, while their fruit/seed color is blue. Blueberries have a moderate lifespan, re-sprout ability, an erect shape, and are usually 20 to 60cm in height. There are over 3500 different species of blueberries!
Blueberries can be bought year around, but the growing season for North American blueberries is April through October, and November through March for South American blueberries.


Blueberries or Vaccinium, also known as bilberries, are plant shrubs from the Ericaceae family. The Ericaceae family also includes shrubs such as the strawberry tree or Arbutus unedo, and the bearberry or Artostaphylos uva-ursi.
Other varities of the blueberry are the cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccus), common cranberry (Vaccinium oxycoccus palustris), the American cranerry (Vaccinium macrocarpus oxycoccus), and small cranberry (Vaccinium microcarpum oxycoccus)

Health Benefits

Blueberries are a great source of antioxidants. As an antioxidant bluberries are beneficial to the nervous system, and some people believe that blueberries can help improve brain health. Blueberries also benefit the cardiovascular system by helping to reduce cholesterol and lowering triglycerides, as well as helping to regulate blood sugar for people with type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance, and protecting the eye's retina from oxygen damage. Health benefits are even more extreme if the blueberries are organic.

A blueberry conatins many vitamins, such as vitamin K, C, manganese, and fiber! *What do these do for humans?

Blueberries can be eaten fresh when they have lost their initial roughness. Or as juice or jams. taste delicious even frozen!

Fun facts

Blueberries were first used by the Native Americans and were believed to have healing powers. Blueberries were referred to as "star berries" and were believed to be sent to help children during famine. The name "star berry" developed because on the end of each berry (the calyx) forms a perfect five pointed star.

Spas are now using blueberries for facials! Mixing blueberries, lemon juice, and brown sugar is said to soften and brighten skin.



DIstribution of blueberry growth in North America. 90% of blueberry growth comes from Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, North Carolina, Georgia, and Washington.


Check out this video of how blueberries go from the farm to your table at home!