Stimulating Plants

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The stimulating plants are most sought after because of their ability to provide alertness to the user. With that being said, caffeine is the main ingredient that provides this feeling for the user. The caffeine causes the users heart rate to increase, while suppressing their appetite. After ingesting these substances, it is common to be irritable and also suffer from insomnia.

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Substances like coffee and tea are known to keep you energized,
while mint is more known specifically for memory stimulation.
Not only does it keep the body going, but also it can
help when in stressful or exhausting times.

The Cacao Tree by Erin

The Cacao tree produces the cocoa bean, which is formed into the sweet tooth delight, chocolate. The treat does not have a high caffeine level compared to something such as coffee, but it does stimulate the consumer. This stimulation is more in the form of euphoria and happiness though, rather than alertness. As an avid chocolate eater, it is true that you are happier after eating it. It tastes wonderful and makes you feel wonderful too. There are many different varieties to choose from for every type of chocoholic, some being bitter and some sweet. This substance also is a great source of antioxidants and can even help reduce blood pressure levels if consumed in small amounts on a regular basis. YUMMY!


Mint by Jackie

Mints are herbs that are highly regarded for their aromatic tendencies. Originally used as a medicinal herb, mint still provides many useful medical benefits. It is commonly used as an appetite stimulant, as well as a way to treat indigestion. Most importantly, mint is highly regarded as a mental stimulant. The strong aroma of the mint is thought to awaken the mind and the senses.

Coffea by Nikki

Coffea is the flowering plant that produces coffee beans as its seeds. These beans are used to produce coffee, a common stimulating beverage found around the world. Any common species of coffea contains quantities of caffeine, the stimulating drug that makes coffee so useful to humans. The caffeine found in coffee beans affects the central nervous system, causing feelings of alertness. While caffeine can be found in other sources, such as soft drinks and tea, coffee is a widely popular way for Americans to ingest this stimulating plant. 54% of Americans enjoy at least one cup of coffee every day!