Welcome to the Ethnobotany Wiki!
If your group has submitted an appropriate theme, you should find it listed in the Navigation bar on the left. If you have also let me know your individual species, these pages have also been created and you can find the links to them on your group page.

Your team’s grade is based on the group main page and group editing and is worth 50 points. I will be assigning points based on:
  • clarity of writing
  • presentation of linking theme(s)
  • hyperlinks to team members’ species pages
  • references and attributions
  • collaborative editing of group and individual pages

Your individual grade is based on your individual species’ webpage and is worth 100 points. I will be assigning points based on:
  • clarity of writing
  • thoroughness of discussion
    • images of the plant including flowers and fruits
    • information about relatives in the same plant family such as identifying traits and well-known species
    • information about geographic distribution of the plant in its native or naturalized range as a map
    • information on how the plant affects humans (e.g. as a food, drug, ornamental, or irritant) including use, domestication and/or control as appropriate
    • in-depth information on some additional aspect of the plant (a.k.a. “wild-card topic”) which may be linked to the group theme
  • proper citations and attributions